Energy efficiency is worthwile

Whether you are a building manager, homeowner, industrial or agricultural facility owner, everyone benefits from increasing the energy efficiency of their property.

Energy efficiency brings with it a number of advantages: not only does it help reduce environmental impact, but at the same time, it optimizes the energy performance of your civil or industrial property, reducing its costs and increasing its value.

Where do we start?

The energy classification is the starting point. Through this we can determine the degree of consumption of the property. The lower the class, the higher the consumption. Currently in Italy, 97% of properties belong to the energy class below E.

To improve energy efficiency, the solution is to implement a few key actions. Here are all the actions that will immediately improve a building’s energy performance.

1. Improved thermoregulation

The first step to reduce energy waste is to improve thermoregulation, through the installation of building automation devices or simply a thermostatic valve. By setting ideal temperatures for one’s own comfort, one will avoid wasting energy resources, containing expenses according to what is actually consumed.

2. Choice of modern heating systems

Having an efficient air-conditioning system ensures a more homogeneous temperature distribution and lasting. For example, the heat pump is a useful system for increasing energy efficiency.
In energy class A++, the heat pump is able to bring water to its maximum temperature in all weather conditions.
Integrated with the current heating system, it adapts to any situation, radiators or radiant floor heating: your property can thus take an important step towards energy saving.

3. Increased thermal insulation

Thermal insulation reduces waste and, at the same time, cuts energy losses to the outside world. This is achieved through:

  • the installation of a thermal coat
  • replacement of window frames with new ones with low transmittance

These interventions will immediately improve living comfort, ensuring the energy upgrading of the building.

4. Installation of solar panels

Choosing to install a photovoltaic system means using energy from renewable sources. Its structure consists of two main elements:

  • The photovoltaic panels, which, placed on the roof, collect solar energy and transform it into renewable electricity
  • The inverter, which converts the electricity produced by the panels into alternating power that can then be used for all utilities

Through this investment, electricity bill costs can decrease by up to 70 percent.

Geothermal plants

Opting for these systems means harnessing energy from underground with geothermal probes. The combined solution of photovoltaic and geothermal plants is often opted for in order to optimize natural energy sources.

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