What concessions for energy efficiency interventions?

Concessions in Italy are always new. After the “superbonus” that has produced numerous interventions at no cost to the owners, Italian Government has returned to the old approach of deductions.

Think about making your property more efficient, now is more convenient than ever.

Thanks to the fact that the “110 superbonus” is definitely abandoned together with discount in invoice with inflated prices, long delivery times for materials, inconveniences with bureaucracy, today we can count on the tax deduction of 65% extended by the Budget Law until 31 December 2024.

The advantage consists in the recognition of tax deductions in the amount of 65% of the expenses incurred depending on the interventions that increase the level of energy efficiency of existing buildings and which concern, in particular, the expenses incurred for:

  • the casing of existing buildings (for example, walls, windows, roofs and floors)
  • the installation of solar panels for the production of hot water;
  • the replacement of winter air conditioning systems with systems equipped with air or water condensing boilers;
  • the replacement of winter air conditioning systems with systems equipped with high efficiency heat pumps or low enthalpy geothermal systems;
  • the replacement of traditional water heaters with heat pump water heaters dedicated to the production of domestic hot water;
  • the purchase and installation of solar panels;
  • the purchase and installation of winter air conditioning systems equipped with heat generators powered by biomass fuels;
  • the purchase, installation and installation of multimedia devices for remote control of heating systems, hot water production, air conditioning of housing units.

In conclusion, today between energy savings and deductions to 65%, in a short time you can completely neutralize the cost of the works.

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